How many inches is 5 5 feet?

How tall are you if your 5.25 feet?

Cm Cosa Feet & Inches
157 5.15 tr 5 ft, 1.8 in
158 5.18 tr 5 ft, 2.2 in
159 5.22 tr 5 ft, 2.6 in
160 5.25 tr 5 ft, 3 in
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Is being 5 5 short for a guy?

First Answer: Is 5’5 too short for an adult male? Nope, not incredibly short, just shorter than average. See the article : When did the 7 day week start?

Are 5 5 considered high or short? 5’5 ” is just above the average for women in the United States, and 5’4 ” on average for the most part. In Asia you would be considered high in most countries, Scandinavia and the Netherlands are below average but not short. 5’5 ” is a perfect height for women I think 🙂 any height is good!

Is 5.6 short for someone? Average 5 feet 6 or 5 inches and below 5 feet 5 inches considered short. Below 5 feet considered too short and below 4 feet 10 inches considered dwarf.

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Is 5 feet 5 inches tall for a girl?

A woman who is 5′10 ″ tall is considered tall. It is a good height of 5 feet 5 inches. See the article : How to say what is your name in spanish. Ergonomically it is a perfect height for man. You would be better at hand eye coordination.

Is being 5 5 short for a girl?

In the United States, it is above average for a woman, and below average for a man. Read also : How many cm is a 5 4 person? The answer depends on context, but in proportion, it can be considered short compared to 5’10.