Quelle est la différence entre May et CAN ?

KAN: The real value of this trophy is estimated at € 127,000 or 83,306,539 CFA. Football is often the sport “King”.

Où et ou exemple ?

_ På écrit ou quand på peut le remplacer par ou bien. example: Pose on the table or chair = pose on the table or well on the chair. On the same subject : How many cubic feet in a cubic yard. _ På écrit où quand il indique le lieu ou le temps.

Ou VS ou? “Ou” (without accent) is a conjunction of coordination. It is not necessary to confuse with “où” (with accent) which is adverb or pronoun. På always writes “ou” (without accent) when it can be replaced by “ou bien”.

An example? * På writes ‘où’ with a grave accent when it indicates the place as in phrase 1. -Example: -The house where I live is spacious. ‘ou bien’ comme dans la setning 2. -Eksempel: -On va au théâtre ou au cinéma?

Are you a relative? pror1: relative pronouns: qui og que. A relative pronoun introduces a clause that explains or describes a previously mentioned noun, which is called the antecedent. Relative pronouns are used to connect two related ideas to a single sentence, thus avoiding repetition. Tex writes a novel.

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Comment dire CAN en anglais ?

CAN peut exprimer: – leave permission: You can go to the cinema with your friends. You can go to the movies with your friends. See the article : How much does 1000l of water weigh? – la capacité: I can play tennis.

Comment it allô en anglais? Ça veut dire allô. It means “Hello”.

How to post in English? postillon nm. Ex: garçon – nm> På dira “le garçon” or “un garçon”. postillion, postillion, postillion rytter, postillion rytter n. The postillon was in charge of the horses.

How to speak English 1h20? Transfer of “1h20” in English. All-return, this promenade takes 1h20. Round trip, this trip takes about 1h20.

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Quand utiliser CAN ?

KUNNE KOMME PASSE DE CAN If you want to talk about what you chose that you can do by the past, but that you can no longer do it today, you must use “can” rather than “can”. Example: At one point I could run a mile and catch my breath. To see also : Is Sofia The Rock's daughter?

How do you use ca fait in French?

What is the meaning of lorsque? conjunction. when [conjunction] (at or below) the time that.

How do you use ca fait in a sentence? – I’m doing this. It’s bad for me! – It hurts me! Thank you Chris for your helpful answer, and these are phrases that I will include in my conversations.

Comment conjuguer le verbe may en anglais ?


  • Simple gift. I can. You can. he can. We can. …
  • Present progressive / continuous. See the article : How tall is 60 inches in height? – – – – …
  • Simple past. I might. maybe you can. he might want to. maybe. …
  • Past progressive / continuous. – – – – …
  • Present perfectly simple. – – – – …
  • Presents perfectly progressive / continuous. – – – – …
  • Past perfect. – – – – …
  • Past perfectly progressive / continuous. – – –

Kommentar conjuguer le verb vendre en anglais? Rule of the verb å selge This verb is part of the irregular verbs with an irregular past participle: sold and a past participle irregular: sold.

Kommentar conjuguer le verb partir en anglais? I went. You went. He / she / it went. We went.

Comment utiliser might ?

“Might” allows to signal an uncertainty, a doubt, a risk or an eventuality. Read also : What is the number of neutrons in carbon? This verb allows, also, to ask some chosen polymer.

What is meant by track changes explain by example? Track changes are a feature of most word processing applications that allow a user to keep track of the different types of changes, changes or deletions made in a specific document.

How do you use Track Changes? To turn on track changes, click the “Review” tab and then click the “Track Changes” icon. To turn off track changes, just click this icon again. You can also turn Track Changes on and off by clicking the “Track Changes” menu arrow and then clicking “Track Changes” in the list.

What are track changes in writing? Track Changes is a feature of Microsoft Word that allows others to provide edits and comments in your document. These changes will appear in different colors, so you can easily find the recommended changes. This tool also allows a reviewer to make comments on the right side of the assignment.